XXX Files: Truth and False About VR Porn

There is a lot of stuff and buzz around virtual reality porn, many people have huge misconceptions about it, and either beware it or believe it is the future of entertainment technologies. Users claim it is a mind-blowing experience in mistress t porn, while some scientists and sociologists state it will make people alienated from each other even more than social networks make them now. And yet, it does not seem to prevent the technology from developing further, so, to follow the trends, you have to know what is true about it and what is not.


Make sure you know the real facts behind the virtual reality sex movies:

  • VR adult movies are shot in a different manner than conventional porn. The crew uses special cameras and other equipment, and also needs additional software for post-production;
  • adult content takes the third place among all niches that implement VR technology today. The first place is occupied by video games of course;
  • According to statistics of the year 2016, more than 90 percent of consumers of this type of content were men. Eventually, because of that, the majority of sex videos in VR are shot for men. Therefore, women cannot even find the content they would like. This is a vicious circle;
  • these videos enjoy the most demand and popularity in the US;
  • the smartphone is the most used device for watching adult content in VR;
  • you will not be able to find a full 360 degrees virtual reality sex videos, because they are all shot in 180 or 220 degrees;
  • this content is more arousing and effective than regular sex videos. That is why so many people enjoy it;
  • it will definitely change the trends of pornography in general, over time;
  • due to watching porn in VR, users make virtual reality technology almost a household item;
  • in this type of sex videos, the positions for actors are very limited, because, in some of them, it is impossible to implement the technology properly, while in others the image becomes distorted in the end product.


Now let’s talk about myths of virtual reality porn movies:

  • VR is about empathy, while in fact, it is not. There are some ethical concerns connected to the technology, but it is not about empathy. It can be a learning tool or entertainment tool, but it all depends on the industry and how the viewer wants to use it.
  • 360-degree videos are needed because the user wants to look around himself. The main point of the directors is that users mostly watch adult content laying on their back in bed or in an armchair, and what is the point for them to look around the room – to check out the furniture?

These are the main facts about this new technology. Now you are aware of what is real and what is not, about it!

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The Funniest Plots in Porn Films

Pornography is a successful industry having millions of fans all over the world. In 2018, more than 30 billion searches have been related to porn. That is only the data according to PornHub statistics. No one knows how much porn content is being saved to PCs and laptops.

Watching porn films, people are enjoying the looks of actors, the way they move and act. Besides, the plots of adult films may quite often give hints to those who are looking for different methods and styles to diversify intimate sex life.

Top Interests of the Porn Audience

  1. The appearance of the main actors: their bodies and forms are of particular interest; face traits along with the personal charm are checked as well.
  2. The intimate parts of the role players: the boobs size along with the dick length are in the top of interests among the private body parts.
  3. Poses and positions: seeing how satisfied the main actors are, spectators are enjoying their positions with the view to possibly try them in their intimate affairs.
  4. For the role games, the plot is of interest. The viewers may pay attention to the ambient and the plot development in the event he or she is looking for inspiration for sex with his or her partner.
  5. A plot in general: for a common porn film, a plot is not so important. In many films, the actors proceed to actions rights after meeting, the preludes are mostly omitted.

Indeed, who will scrutinize the plot if there are attractive people moaning of desire and satisfaction on the screen?

Though, viewers and users are checking and discussing the storylines of porn films. Especially those who enjoy relaxing with a porn film pay attention to the plot as they have seen a number of adult movies. Thus, a very strange or ridiculous starting scene may be noticed and remembered.

The Most Ridiculous Porn Plots:

  1. First of all, these are the films in which a girl may be asking for help, though she obviously does not need it. For instance, claiming that her hand is stuck in a washing machine or any other appliance, though, she is standing near it without any problems.
  2. Then go the storylines when people start having sex right after they get acquainted. It is not possible in real life. It is even not possible in the dreams and imagination. Those who say that they have had such an experience are very lucky or simply lying.
  3. Parodies on cartoons or porn films with the involvement of any Disney character. Watching the porn version of Spongebob can be funny, though, not turning on. Who would turn on thinking of the favorite cartoon of a son or daughter?
  4. Remakes on the most popular films or series. Among real fans of both trends, porn and the Game of Thrones, for instance, it can be a perfect blend. But mostly, spectators find such porn films quite funny.
  5. Those who want to watch a really ridiculous porn film may search for the first black and white porn movies. The background music is quite rhythmic, though, not erotic at all.

All the above prove that porn content is a product for almost everyone. If such plots have appeared and continue to be filmed, it means that such porn movies are demanded among the audience.

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Is It Possible To Watch Porn Together

VR porn videos are super popular now. Lots of users buy gadgets and subscriptions for virtual reality porn websites to enjoy this amazing experience. It is generally an activity people prefer to pursue on their own, without being bothered by the family or others. Generally, VR glasses and helmets are designed in the way to make sure the user is not distracted by environmental factors. There are even funny stories happening to people who watched porn in a helmet and did not notice their mother bringing them tea and cookies.

However, it is also a well-known fact that many couples like watching porn together. They look for the newest videos, choose different types of adult movies to their liking, and try to share their sexual experience together. So, as soon the virtual reality technology has been implemented into the porn industry, such couples started looking for an ability to watch VR videos together.

One of the most obvious options is buying two sets of VR gadgets and turning on the same video simultaneously. Honestly, there is no other simple possibility to watch the same VR video together. However, it should be underlined that there is little sense in that. The only benefit is that both partners can enjoy this experience and check how it all looks and feels like. And yet, the sense of watching porn together as a couple is enjoying the video and each other at the same time.

When the couple enjoys VR sex video in separate gadgets (and there is no other way for that), they do not see each other, and they even should not touch each other, because touching will destroy the powerful illusion created by the technology. So this entertainment will not make the couple closer to each other.

There is a more interesting option for couples. One of the partners should watch sex video, while the other should do what the porn model in the video does. This will accompany the illusion, make it more powerful and overwhelming, and the partner watching the movie will get more pleasure. Then, they can change, and the partner wearing gadget will choose another role, while the second one acts like a porn model.

These are two options for enjoying virtual reality adult videos together as a couple. It should be kept in mind that the first variation can cause a lack of closeness between the two, while the second can create a mind-blowing experience.

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How Sex Makes People Cleverer, Happier, and Younger

There is no one who will deny how fantastic it is to have sex, especially if it happens regularly and leads to orgasms. First of all, sex and intimacy are among the most important and essential factors in the relationship of couples. Secondly, it brings benefits which are not obvious at first sight. During an act of love, the body participates in it fully, physically and mentally.

        Five Biggest Advantages from Having Sex

  1.      The first thing that springs to one’s mind is the improvement of sleep. Women are sometimes even angry about men who may fall asleep almost right after making love. Though, in some time, women also calm down and fall asleep like babies. Everyone knows how beneficial for human body a healthy sleep is.
  2.      Regular sex encourages the formation of brain cells and improves cognitive capabilities. In other words, having sex on regular basis makes people cleverer. Scientifically, it has also been proved during one of the experiments. During an orgasm, 30 areas of women’s brain are activated. For comparison, doing a crossword puzzle activates 10 times less or brain areas.
  3.      Additionally, due to sex, the number of cells in the area of the brain responsible for long-term memory, hippocampus, increases. It means that people who forget something all the time shall try to cure this problem with sex. Besides, women after 50 who have regular intimate life keep their mind clear and memory distinct.
  4.      Sex helps to overcome depression, except for cases when serious medical and psychiatric treatment is required. To improve mood and release stress, having sex – is one of the best cures. In the process, a wide range of hormones is generated by a human body. One of them is dopamine which is responsible for satisfaction and feeling of happiness. The more one has sex, the more dopamine is generated, and the better the mood is.
  5.      DHEA, the hormone responsible for keeping the youth, is generated during sex. It is not recommended to consume this hormone from external resources as it may be harmful. However, the generation of it during sex is the best way to keep young. Besides, this hormone strengthens the immune system and improves the skin condition.

Probably, it is hard to believe that such a pleasant activity as sex may be so useful. Thinking of the life duration in Japan, almost 84 years on average, the country in which the sex industry is well-developed, one may make conclusions how beneficial for people’s health sex is.

  Thus, it is a rare case when a useful and healthy activity brings satisfaction and does not require incredible efforts. So, have sex and be healthy!

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7 Things which Happen in Porn, but Never in Real Life

Watching porn is not only the means of relaxation and getting satisfaction on Friday or Saturday night. After viewing several adult movies, people tend to fantasize and apply the plots and actions they have seen on the screen in real-life sex with a partner. However, no matter how alluring and exciting a porn film is, one shall keep in mind that not everything shown in adult movies is true-to-life and feasible in reality.

      Matters Which Shall not be Expected or Done in Real Life

  1.      The plots of porn films which are sometimes even ridiculous. Who would order a pizza delivery having no money and then pay for it offering sex? Besides, a man shall not expect that a girl will let undressing her right after getting acquainted.
  2.      Starting right away with sex: in reality, a prelude shall not be forgotten or omitted as it helps both partners to turn on and, thus, get satisfaction in full.
  3.      Anal sex without proper preparation or lubrication: it is necessary to remember that before shooting an anal scene, an actress is preparing several hours in advance. Besides, lubricants shall be used, despite what is seen in films.
  4.      Masterful positions: it is better not to repeat the poses which have been seen in porn as actors and actresses are physically well-prepared, additionally, their stamina enables them to twist their bodies.
  5.      Squirting is a popular trend nowadays. However, a small number of women can finish in such a way. Besides, porn actresses know special tricks in order to squirt.
  6.      Quick changing of positions: one should remember that porn actors play to show attractive and seductive scenes, not for satisfaction. Having sex in real life with multiple changes of poses may not lead to the full satisfaction of partners.
  7.      Simultaneous orgasm: of course, it is feasible. However, a man shall keep in mind that sometimes, women require additional stimulation to finish at the same time.

With porn movies, one may stimulate imagination and find ideas for possible plots and scenes for real sex life. However, it is necessary to remember that companies releasing adult content do not always focus on credibility and correspondence to reality. Besides, the actors are professionals and they thoroughly prepare for shooting each scene. It means that a regular person may by physically not able to repeat what is seen in a porn movie. Hence, before trying to repeat a porn plot, it is better to objectively estimate one’s capabilities.

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