How Sex Makes People Cleverer, Happier, and Younger

There is no one who will deny how fantastic it is to have sex, especially if it happens regularly and leads to orgasms. First of all, sex and intimacy are among the most important and essential factors in the relationship of couples. Secondly, it brings benefits which are not obvious at first sight. During an act of love, the body participates in it fully, physically and mentally.

        Five Biggest Advantages from Having Sex

  1.      The first thing that springs to one’s mind is the improvement of sleep. Women are sometimes even angry about men who may fall asleep almost right after making love. Though, in some time, women also calm down and fall asleep like babies. Everyone knows how beneficial for human body a healthy sleep is.
  2.      Regular sex encourages the formation of brain cells and improves cognitive capabilities. In other words, having sex on regular basis makes people cleverer. Scientifically, it has also been proved during one of the experiments. During an orgasm, 30 areas of women’s brain are activated. For comparison, doing a crossword puzzle activates 10 times less or brain areas.
  3.      Additionally, due to sex, the number of cells in the area of the brain responsible for long-term memory, hippocampus, increases. It means that people who forget something all the time shall try to cure this problem with sex. Besides, women after 50 who have regular intimate life keep their mind clear and memory distinct.
  4.      Sex helps to overcome depression, except for cases when serious medical and psychiatric treatment is required. To improve mood and release stress, having sex – is one of the best cures. In the process, a wide range of hormones is generated by a human body. One of them is dopamine which is responsible for satisfaction and feeling of happiness. The more one has sex, the more dopamine is generated, and the better the mood is.
  5.      DHEA, the hormone responsible for keeping the youth, is generated during sex. It is not recommended to consume this hormone from external resources as it may be harmful. However, the generation of it during sex is the best way to keep young. Besides, this hormone strengthens the immune system and improves the skin condition.

Probably, it is hard to believe that such a pleasant activity as sex may be so useful. Thinking of the life duration in Japan, almost 84 years on average, the country in which the sex industry is well-developed, one may make conclusions how beneficial for people’s health sex is.

  Thus, it is a rare case when a useful and healthy activity brings satisfaction and does not require incredible efforts. So, have sex and be healthy!

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