When you are shopping for car insurance, you’ll probably want to look at many factors. It’s a given that you’ll want liability insurance for your car. It’s the law in most states. If you have a newer car, you’ll probably want comprehensive insurance too. While you’re looking at all these coverage options, you might wonder whether you should get glass replacement insurance. While prices vary depending on what company you use, what region of the country you live in, and what vehicle you drive, I did the math for our car and found that the answer is no.
Our car is currently insured by GEICO. Glass repair is covered by our comprehensive policy (and is probably covered by yours), but they offer separate glass replacement coverage, in case you get a crack in your windshield so large that it cannot be repaired. We recently received a very large crack in our windshield and will have to have ours replaced.

It will cost us $195 to replace our windshield from a local vendor. Windshield replacement coverage would cost us $140 a year. With those prices, it would only make sense to purchase windshield replacement coverage if you thought that you would probably have to have your windshield replaced once every year and a half.

Do you get your windshield replaced every 18 months? I know I don’t. The last time I had to have my windshield replaced was when my husband was driving in Italy and a flying sandbag hit it. That was more than six years ago. If I had been paying for glass replacement coverage for that entire length of time, I would have paid my auto insurance company more $840. Just so I could save $195 on the cost of glass replacement today.

Getting a chip in your windshield is a lot more common than getting a large crack that requires windshield replacement. Windshield chip repair is often covered by your comprehensive insurance. We got a chip in our car several years ago, and the glass repair company came right to my husband’s workplace to fix it. If you do get a chip in your windshield, it is important to get your windshield repaired as soon as possible, before it develops into a large crack. If the chip in your windshield is smaller than a dollar bill, they can usually repair it inexpensively, and you can avoid the larger glass replacement bill.

While $200 can seem like a lot if you need to get your windshield repaired right away, it’s not worth the extra money that you’ll have to consistently pay for windshield replacement coverage. If you can put away a little money for an emergency fund, you will have the money to replace your windshield when your car needs it, and you will save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

The cost of glass replacement insurance for your automobile will vary, depending on what part of the country you are in and what sort of car you drive. You can easily figure out if glass replacement coverage is right for your situation by getting a free quote. Safelite Auto Glass has an instant auto glass quote generator on their web site, located at http://www.safelite.com/ . If you call your insurance company, you can find out what they would charge you for auto glass replacement.

Don’t forget, the insurance company is in the business to make money. More than likely, they will charge their customers more for auto glass replacement insurance than they believe they will have to pay out. If you do the math yourself for your own situation, it is more than likely that you will find that auto glass replacement coverage is not worth purchasing.